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BIG-EU Technique has a new chairman


Dortmund, 10.06.2010. - Christoph Zeller, developer at the firm, Sauter AG, has taken over the chair of the Working Group Technique (WG-T) for the BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU). The former chairperson, René Quirighetti, BACnet veteran from Siemens Building Technologies, will continue to lend his advice and support to the BIG-EU as an honorary member with his know-how in standards development.

Even before his time as chairman, Christopher Zeller has been actively involved in the BIG-EU's technical group. The work of WG-T lies primarily in proposals for the support of standards as well as in technical specifications for the further development of the BACnet protocol. Here, the group works closely with ASHRAE's BACnet committees and informs BIG-EU members about the decisions of the SSPC 135, the permanent BACnet committee in ASHRAE.

BIG-EU representation in ASHRAE is the official channel for European direction of BACnet development. In the context of BIG-EU proxy, Christopher Zeller was named as spokesperson for the BIG-EU's new representative in the SSPC 135, Klaus Wächter of Siemens. Currently, other nonvoting members in the European BACnet committee are Frank Schubert of MBS, and Klaus Wagner, also from Sauter AG.


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