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BACnet double anniversary at ISH 2015


New trends, new members, new applications at the BACnet booth (10.3 - A61)

Dortmund, Nov 26, 2014. – At the ISH 2015, the BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU) welcomes the professional world of building automation to the 10th anniversary of the BACnet standard ISO 16484-5. At the BACnet booth (10.3, A61) from 10th - 14th March, 15 members will demonstrate new devices based on the non-proprietary bus system and the reliable protection of investments.


There is a double anniversary that BACnet users will celebrate at the ISH. Because the roots of BACnet began as an ANSI standard 20 years ago, the joint stand slogan is "BACnet – 10+20 years of sustained success."

As a global standard, BACnet has developed more than ever as the backbone of the building. At the ISH 2015 two trends will be clear: first, the exhibition includes new BIG-EU members, and second the growth of applications by integration of energy management and metering technology.


Exhibitors 2015


In addition to numerous logo exhibitors, several major exhibitors have already registered at the BACnet booth for the ISH 2015:

  • ABB,
  • Aquametro Messtechnik,
  • BACnet International,
  • Delta Controls,
  • DIAL,
  • ICONAG-Leittechnik,
  • Johnson Controls Systems & Service,
  • Oppermann Regelgeräte,
  • SE-Elektronic,
  • Siemens Building Technologies und

With the double anniversary in mind, BACnet at the ISH is also a springboard for the global BACnet Roadshow 2015. From Chicago to Tokyo, the users globally learn about the future of the BACnet standard. Warsaw on June 9th and Berlin on June 16th are the only roadshow stops in Europe. More information at the booth and on www.bacnetroadshow.org