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BIG-EU and OPC Foundation® Sign Cooperation Statement

Dortmund, November 13th, 2012. - The BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU) and the OPC Foundation have announced the signing of a cooperation statement. A joint working group was adopted in October on their work. For the interface between BACnet® (ANSI ASHRAE 135 / ISO 16484-5) and OPC-UA (IEC 62541) the data flow between the building and industrial automation are optimized. Changes in the BACnet standard and in the OPC architecture are not stipulated.

"By working together, we connect the building automation systems to the enterprise level on a broad scale," explains Klaus Waechter, of the BIG-EU board. "BACnet as a global protocol, provides a perfect base." Stefan Hoppe, president of the OPC Europe underlines: "BACnet is the de facto standard for building automation - OPC UA provides an IT transport to other markets and to the ERP level . We want to make better use of both together."

In September at the European BACnet meeting, held in Dresden, the BIG-EU and the OPC Foundation® designed the foundation of their cooperation. As part of the OPC Foundation interoperability workshop at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, a joint statement was planned. The joint working group, whose spokesmen are Frank Schubert (BIG-EU/MBS) and Matthias Damm (OPC/ascolab), will present the objectives and mode of operation.

BIG-EU and OPC Foundation® intend to optimize the data flow between building automation and ERP level. At TU Dresden, Klaus Wächter, Matthias Damm, Frank Schubert and Stefan Hoppe (from left to right) presented their plans to the BIG-EU members.


Press contact: BIG-EU:
Bruno Kloubert, MarDirect, Dortmund,
kloubert@mardirect.de, Tel. : +49 231 427867-31


Press Contact OPC-Europe:
Stefan Hoppe, Verl,
Tel. +49-5246-963-276