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BACnet Academy Annual Program 2017

Vendor-independent application and specification

Rome/Freiburg/Vienna/Madrid, 09th March 2017. –  In January, the BACnet Standardizing Committee announced that substantial progress had been made towards BACnet semantic information. This news and other details on the application and specification of the open BACnet standard ISO 16484-5 are the subject of the 2017 annual program of the BACnet Academy Europe.

The Italian, German, Austrian and Spanish building automation markets are the first in Europe to be instructed on how BACnet keeps on contributing to building efficiency. The training sessions takes place on:

  • May 2nd in Rome/Italy,
  • May 17th in Freiburg/Germany
  • October 4th in Vienna/Austria,
  • November 7th in Madrid/Spain.

They are conducted by experienced Advisory Board members of the BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU).

The BACnet Academy is dedicated to the independent standard that connects different devices and systems to integrated building management systems. Users, integrators, planers and suppliers are introduced to the dynamic developments of BACnet and its abilities. The Academy demonstrates BACnet within the ISO/OSI reference model, which data transfer methods are supported and how specific profiles, objects and interoperability building blocks, support efficient building automation. More information may be found at www.bacnetacademy.org/.