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The newly elected BIG-EU Executive Board: Vice-President Brad Hill (Honeywell), President Klaus Wächter (Siemens), Board member Hans Symanczik (Kieback&Peter) and Treasurer Karl Heinz Belser (Johnson Controls Systems & Service).


Klaus Wächter is the new President of the BIG-EU

Dortmund, January 04th, 2017. – The BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU) will be launched in 2017 with a newly elected Executive Board and Advisory Board. At the General Meeting in Barcelona, Klaus Wächter from Siemens Schweiz AG was elected as the new President with 40 votes cast and four abstentions. He is replacing Volker Röhl (STRABAG), who is giving up the presidency after ten years and stepping down from the board.

Members also appointed Brad Hill (Honeywell) as Vice President, Hans Symanczik (Kieback&Peter) as Executive Board member, and Karl Heinz Belser (Johnson Controls Systems & Service) as treasurer.

In addition to the Executive Board, the Advisory Board of the BIG-EU was also elected in Barcelona. Professor Peter Fischer (University of Applied Sciences Dortmund) was nominated as the spokesman and Antonio Catalano (Delta Controls), Salvatore Cataldi (ESAC), Nils Gunnar Fritz (MBS), Carl Neilson (Delta Controls), Frank Schubert (Beckhoff Automation), Tobias Kleine (DIAL), Hubert Fritsch (Distech Controls) and Dan Napar (Siemens SAS) became Advisory Board members. Furthermore, as sponsor representatives Sergio Bellano (JCI), Thomas Kurowski (Siemens), Lucian Variu (Honeywell), Sergei Schürrhoff (STRABAG) and Christoph Zeller (Sauter) as head of the Working Group Technique (WG-T) belong to the Advisory Board.