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Indoor Mobility and Cyber Security in the Building of the Future


Twin conferences at the Frankfurt Airport from 26–27 September 2019


Dortmund, March 20th, 2019. – Analysts in Europe predict investments in smart cities worldwide to hit an all time high. The international twin conferences on building automation will address the two particularly high-growth areas. From 26 to 27 September 2019, the Frankfurt Airport will be dedicated to the subjects of "BACnet® Indoor Mobility" and "Cyber Security" in the building of the future.


Urban multi-purpose buildings are being erected throughout Europe. The integration of elevators and escalators, intelligent personnel tracking, smart grids and fire protection will make building operations more efficient than ever before. The "Indoor Mobility" conference will show interoperable solutions that communicate with BACnet® (ISO 16484-5) independent of manufacturer.


The "Cyber Security" conference will take place at the same time. Hackers will provide their unique points of view regarding the identification of weak points in intelligent buildings and how to embed security aspects into networks. Building planners, builders, and operators can learn more out about government guidelines, manufacturer initiatives, secure systems and innovative IT protection.

More than 200 expected visitors will have the opportunity to explore the latest concepts and products in parallel sessions and a joint exhibition.


The twin conferences, organized by MarDirect, will be hosted by the BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU). More information at: www.indoor-mobility-conference.org // www.cyber-security-conference.org.