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„We are BACnet“: in the new corporate video BIG-EU shows how it works to promote the application of the open BACnet standard.

New Corporate Video „We are BACnet“

BIG-EU gives an insight into how they co-operate with their competitors

Dortmund, January 23rd, 2017. – „We are BACnet!“ The BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG EU) provides insightful pictures and convincing statements in its corporate video. It provides a comprehensive insight into how the European Industry Association is working to promote the application of the open BACnet standard. After its premiere at the BACnet Forum in Barcelona, the film is now available on the Youtube Channel and on the BIG EU website for everyone.

"The new image film shows, impressively, what drives us in the BIG-EU," says Klaus Wächter, President of the BIG-EU. "It is our common interest in the further development of the BACnet standard across all country and language boundaries. We make manufacturer-independent communication the standard for efficient building automation, and we work together for the benefit of all our members."

The seven-minute film shows European and intercontinental cooperation at its best. Partnership marketing and integration into the design of the standard is increasing the strength of the community. The joint cooperation of new developments has proved to be very successful, after the foundation by the original 18 members in 1998. There are now more than 125 members from 17 countries taking part.

The film demonstrates how the BIG-EU has become an integral part of building automation, particularly in respect of commercial buildings. Members explain briefly why they are involved. In the association, they see themselves as a team, working together and not as competitors. They love the "friendly, open and creative atmosphere". They say: "We are a great example of solution-oriented gameplay - and totally enthusiastic about what we do!"

The BIG-EU image film is available on the BIG-EU website (www.big-eu.org) and on the BIG-EU’s Youtube channel at