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Office & Administration

„Office­One“, Stuttgart, GER

New Construction of­ the Office Building in the Heart of Stuttgart

The five and a half storey office building is part of the concept "Green Building Bülow" due to its sustainable architecture and high energy efficiency.

Source: GFR mbH, BACnet Europe Journal 30 2019/03

Marienturm, Frankfurt am Main, GER

An­ Excellent­ Working ­Environment­ at 155­ Metres

At one of the most prominent spots in the banking district of Frankfurt am Main, an ultra-modern working environment is being created in the new Marienturm. The planners are relying on SAUTER’s technical expertise and smart solutions to make the building – 155 metres in height – equally impressive in terms of energy efficiency.

Source: Sauter, BACnet Europe Journal 30 2019/03

Smart Building, GER

Networked Buildings with Future

Everyone is talking about Smart Buildings. But networking heating, ventilation and air-conditioning is not enough. A smart building is only complete, safe and efficient if automated doors and windows are also included.

Source: GEZE GmbH, BACnet Europe Journal 26 2017/03

Kontorhaus, Munich, GER

A Smart Building for Google

Google relies on smart technology with BACnet in its new development center in Munich. The building was certified by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) as a Green Building according to the Gold Standard.

Source: Kieback&Peter GmbH & Co. KG, BACnet Europe Journal 26 2017/03

Modernizing office buildings, Madrid, ES

LEED Platinum for Refurbished Office Buildings in Madrid

After a thorough modernization, two office buildings in Madrid have secured themselves a place among the five most sustainable buildings in Spain thanks to state-of-the-art building technology and proven building automation solutions.

Source: Sauter, BACnet Europe Journal 25 2016/10

Headquarters DB Schenker, Essen, GER

"The Grid" Creates Space for Ideas

Essen was named the "Green Capital of Europe". And DB Schenker's new headquarters, equipped with BACnet building technology, is playing its part.

Source: DB Schenker AG, BACnet Europe Journal 27 2017/10

Residential and commercial areas Mayfarth Quartier, Frankfurt, GER

Mayfarth Quarter in Frankfurt Relies on BACnet

The holistic integration of all technical building equipment ranges from classic functions and security systems to refrigerator monitoring, BOS systems, split device control, window ventilation and floor convectors.

Source: GFR mbH, BACnet Europe Journal 27 2017/10

Argon Building , Gdansk, PL

Energy Efficient Solutions in Multi-purpose Business Complex

LEED Platinum certificate for the use of environmentally friendly materials, quality-enhancing and energy-efficient solutions from the construction phase through to office use.

Source: Global Control 5, BACnet Europe Journal 28 2018/03

Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Hamburg, GER

Reliable On Air with BACnet

After market analysis and a direct comparison with the competition on site, BACnet clearly prevails thanks to manufacturer neutrality.

Source: INGA mbH, BACnet Europe Journal 28 2018/03

Science & Research

Penn State University, Pennsylvania, USA

Penn State University’s ready to scale with Visual BACnet Site Monitoring

University catches BACnet problems in real time and improves network health. Penn State currently has around 15,000 devices, 200 servers, 300 buildings on campus, and another 160 buildings in the Commonwealth.

Source: Optigo Networks, BACnet Europe Journal 30 2019/03

Fritz-Haber-Institut, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Berlin, GER

BACnet Integration into a Science-Oriented IT Environment

The IT infrastructure in technical sciences is mostly based on Unix systems. This poses an unusual challenge for the process participants in the planning, installation and operation of building automation systems.

Source: Fritz-Haber-Institut, BACnet Europe Journal 27 2017/10

State University of Applied Sciences for Social Pedagogy, Hamburg, GER

Old Meets New

Implementation of automation for heating, ventilation and small refrigeration systems with five CPU modules and approx. 80 connected input/output modules in a wide variety of information areas.

Source: SAMSON AG, BACnet Europe Journal 26 2017/03

Hannover Medical School, Hanover, GER

Transparency at the Hannover Medical School

Within the scope of the extensive modernization activities at the Hannover Medical School (MHH), in 2012 a master plan for the further development of the BA up until 202x was prepared. Existing BA-Systems and new buildings will be connected to the new Overhead Control Technology through BACnet.

Source: m+p consulting Nord GmbH, BACnet Europe Journal 24 2016/03

Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research, Würzburg, GER

BACnet Optimizes Room Automation

In the institute building of the Energy Efficiency Center, the individual room control is transmitted to the BACnet system via the GroupWise occupancy planning through Time Connector Software. A study by the Technical University of Nuremberg comes to the conclusion that this algorithm can save up to 23% energy.

Source: WSW Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, BACnet Europe Journal 26 2017/03

Laboratories and workshops, TAO, Bayreuth University, GER

Integrated Building Automation for the University of Bayreuth

The innovative heating and air-conditioning system in the new high-tech building is to be used for research purposes itself. For the studies, the scientists need continuous access to operating data and processes.

Source: Kieback&Peter GmbH & Co. KG, BACnet Europe Journal 29 2018/09

Commerce & Services

Shopping Mall, Gorzów Wielkopolski, PL

Successful Integration of Modbus Devices

BACnet is the predominant protocol in building automation today, but in some projects you still find Modbus devices that require integration into a BACnet system. To make Modbus devices appear as individual BACnet devices and simultaneously integrate the required data points, a BACnet Mod­-bus gateway is required.

Source: Contemporary Controls, BACnet Europe Journal 26 2017/03

Aïshti Foundation Beirut, LB

Aïshti Beirut Mixes Shopping with Art

Dramatically modern, the new Aïshti Foundation building in Beirut breaks all conventions. It’s an upscale shopping mall and also an art gallery. It has an outdoor sculpture garden with a running track. And it boasts a state-of-the-art building automation solution based on BACnet.

Source: Siemens Building Technologies, BACnet Europe Journal 26 2017/03

Aquis Plaza Shopping Mall, Aachen, GER

Climate-friendly Shopping Experience

Climate protection thanks to reduced energy consumption: Dynamically controlled lighting and energy systems, a natural ventilation system, efficient light sources and certified green electricity. Eleven BACnet CPU modules and 91 connected input/­output modules are used for control tasks in various information areas. The B-BCs communicate with each other and with the certified B-OWS via Ethernet.

Source: SAMSON AG, BACnet Europe Journal 24 2016/03

Small buildings, Shops, ES

BACnet Air Conditioning Control on Small and Medium-Sized Buildings

BACnet gateways for the integration of individual direct evaporator air conditioners for air conditioning systems solve the challenge for small buildings. These gateways are integrated via IP or MSTP and guarantee full interoperability support for the integrator and their own systems thanks to the BTL mark.

Source: Intesis Software S.L.U., BACnet Europe Journal 29 2018/09

Health Care & Geriartics

Comprehensive Heart Failure Center (CHFC), Würzburg, GER

Optimal Fire Protection for the CHFC

What is innovative is that the BACnet fire protection system solution allows a distinction to be made between the two states "closed" and "thermally triggered" on the basis of the position of the fire dampers, enabling smoke development to be detected at an earlier stage.

Source: Johnson Controls, BACnet Europe Journal 27 2017/10

Paulinenpflege, Winnenden, GER

Sustainability and Tradition

The traditional social institution Paulinenpflege Winnenden relies on innovative technologies in its residential and school buildings, workshops ­and agricultural operations. BACnet is used for this sustainable energy concept in plant automation and in the higher-level building management solution.

Source: Sauter, BACnet Europe Journal 26 2017/03

Hospital Can Ruti Germans Trias i Pujol, Badalona, ES

Hospital in Badalona is BACnet

The Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol has modernized its facilities. BACnet products played an important role in this process.

Source: Controlli Delta Spain SA, BACnet Europe Journal 25 2016/10

Army Medical Care Center, Ansbach,

“Health and Dental Clinic” applies BACnet

BACnet MS/TP for the networking of fire protection components as alternative to the formerly used LON bus in the US Army Medical Care Center, Ansbach/ Germany.

Source: romutec Steuer- und Regelsysteme GmbH, BACnet Europe Journal 24 2016/03

Hospital Bethesda, Hoogeveen, NL

Best-Value Building Management for Healthcare and Nursing

High-quality and extremely reliable installations are essential for running healthcare facilities and nursing homes. So that a temporary or permanent failure does not affect the continuity of patient care.

Source: Sauter, BACnet Europe Journal 28 2018/03

Congress & Venues

Eventlocation Zeche Zollverein, Essen, GER

Energy-Efficient Venue at a Former Coal Mine

Thanks to innovative BACnet technologies, energy requirements and emissions in the former gas vacuum and compressor hall are kept on a low Level.

Source: Sauter, BACnet Europe Journal 27 2017/10

Industry & Trade

Crane building and administration building, Gummersbach, GER

Efficient building automation for the new Abus crane building and administration building

Abus Kransysteme has been using Johnson Controls technology since 2009. In 2015 it requested the full-service provider for building automation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems to develop and implement the building automation system in its new crane building, and in the customer centre with its two administration wings.

Source: Johnson Controls, BACnet Europe Journal 30 2019/03

Global Innovation Center – Test centre for large valves, Frankfurt, GER

Large Valves Made in Germany

In the GIC, valves up to DN 1000 nominal size can be tested on 7,000 m² and a wide variety of systems and operating conditions can be simulated exactly.

Source: SAMSON AG, BACnet Europe Journal 27 2017/10

TÜV SÜD Testing Laboratory, Olching, GER

Technical Monitoring Using BACnet

All building services systems installed in the accredited TÜV SÜD testing laboratory in Olching are based on the BACnet communications protocol. The objective of the pilot project is to use the standard communications protocol to collect and monitor all data from the installed equipment on a CAFM platform on a daily basis.

Source: TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH, BACnet Europe Journal 27 2017/10

Building Automation Development Centre, Leonberg, GER

Laboratory for Building Networking

New development center answers basic questions: What makes a building ‘really’ smart? Which networking applications result in the biggest increase in comfort, safety and energy efficiency? Which networked functions will be needed in tomorrow’s buildings?

Source: GEZE GmbH, BACnet Europe Journal 28 2018/03

Sennheiser Innovation Campus, Wedemark, GER

Heating with Ice

A technical highlight is the company's own ice storage system, which is used for air conditioning in the building complex. The 20 m x 10 m x 6 m ice storage, a so-called seasonal storage, contains 1,000,000 litres of water, which is used to generate heat energy in winter and cold energy in summer.

Source: GFR mbH, BACnet Europe Journal 25 2016/10

Headquarter Vector Informatik, Stuttgart, GER

Networking Solutions with BACnet

The entire system combines barrier-free door convenience, access control, climate control burglar resistance, escape route protection and reliable smoke extraction in the event of fire, with remote operation and monitoring.

Source: GEZE GmbH, BACnet Europe Journal 27 2017/10

Headquarter Distech Controls, Lyon, F

Well-Connected headquarters

BACnet/IP and IT standards enable advanced IP connectivity and open integration of building management systems. Wired IP technology, Wi-Fi or a combination of both can be customized in the controller, depending on the infrastructure/architecture of the building.

Source: Distech Controls SAS, BACnet Europe Journal 27 2017/10

Public Sector & Politics

Sede Unica Regione, Piemonte, IT

Large, Flexible, Efficient

Currently the tallest building in Italy at 205 metres, it is the new seat of the government and administration of the Piedmont region. It houses offices and conference rooms, courtrooms, libraries, a kindergarten, a canteen and an underground car park and is the workplace for around 3,000 people.

Source: Kieback&Peter GmbH & Co. KG, BACnet Europe Journal 25 2016/10

German Federal Bank, Frankfurt, GER

BACnet Changes the Project and Operating Culture

BACnet is not only a protocol, it also changes the structure of building automation and thus the building, project and operating culture. This is also reflected in the BACnet specifications of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

Source: Deutsche Bundesbank, BACnet Europe Journal 25 2016/10

Primary School, Petersfield, Sussex, GB

Transformation of Petersfield Primary Shool

Retrofitting in the heating room of a primary school in Petersfield with integration of an effective and reliable building control system.

Source: Distech Controls UK, BACnet Europe Journal 25 2016/10

City of Lappeenranta, FIN

Easy Living with BACnet

Central automation in Lappeenranta: City-wide linking of properties in new and existing buildings with the only technical criteria "BACnet-certified".

Source: Granlund Saimaa Oy, BACnet Europe Journal 28 2018/03

Stadtwerke Hannover – enercity, GER

Benefits of BACnet Coupling without Risks

In the course of the BACnet interconnections, a multi-stage procedure has been established which serves the quality assurance of acceptance and handover. In the case of lifecycle-related modernizations, framework conditions must be formulated functionally and neutrally in order to be able to exploit the advantages of the BACnet coupling without risks.

Source: m+p consulting Nord GmbH, BACnet Europe Journal 28 2018/03

Sports & Leisure

Sports- and Multipurpose Halls, Trnava, SK und Doha, QA

Goal for BACnet Stadiums

Stadium operators from Slovakia to Qatar are achieving 50 % lower network load for their HVAC facilities, compared to conventional systems. VLT HVAC Drives serve both stadiums with a unique BACnet/IP, ideal for building automation and control networks.

Source: Danfoss Drives, BACnet Europe Journal 26 2017/03

Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg, GER

Hamburg's New Philharmonic Hall Speaks BACnet

The "Elphi" places very special demands on the room climate - for example in the large concert hall, where both people and instruments should feel at home - and it is precisely this climate that makes its contribution to unique acoustics.

Source: GFR mbH, BACnet Europe Journal 26 2017/03

Swiss Ornithological Institute, Sempach, SUI

Optimum Room Climate for the Swiss Ornithological Institute, CH

After almost two years of construction time, the Swiss Ornithological Institute celebrated the opening of its new visitor centre. Switzerland's first three-story clay building is impressive because of its architecture and because of its HVAC technology by Sauter.

Source: Sauter, BACnet Europe Journal 24 2016/03

Museumsinsel, Berlin, GER

Modernizing the Museumsinsel Berlin

With the adoption of their master plan in 1999 the Museumsinsel Berlin is to be developed into a viable museum complex. In addition to basic renovations, the buildings have been adapted to meet the needs of modern museums and are equipped with a central building control system. This new system uses a FMSbase / BACnet solution based on Wonderware software technology.

Source: Wonderware by Schneider Electric, BACnet Europe Journal 24 2016/03

Olympic Hall Munich, GER

BACnet Frees Athletic Energy in Olympic Hall

In the course of the modernisation measures of the Olympic Hall of 1972, media technology and spectator stands were renovated. For the building automation refurbishment and maintanance the global BACnet standard has set quality criteria.

Source: GFR mbH, BACnet Europe Journal 28 2018/03

Hotel & Gastronomy

Business Hotel, Leipzig, GER

Everything Under Control: Hotel Innside Leipzig

Building automation in hotels should be as comfortable, noiseless and invisible as possible. As soon as a guest checks in, his room comfort is optimised as desired, individually and energy-saving.

Source: Kieback&Peter GmbH & Co. KG, BACnet Europe Journal 28 2018/03

Transportation & Infrastructure

Santiago de Chile International Airport, CL

BACnet/IP the “Tool” from Engineering to Project Management

As a guide of good practices, the premise of an object-oriented development indicated by the BACnet technology is reducing development time, costs and project risks. For a BACnet integrator the most important value is the possibility to deal with objects and not with signals.

Source: Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG, BACnet Europe Journal 29 2018/09

Frankfurt Main International Airport, GER

Reducing Fire Loads at Gate A-Plus of the Frankfurt Airport

Fire loads reduced by a factor of 30 in wiring and the simple retrofitting of 580 fire protection and smoke dampers – the perfect combination of BACnet (TCP) and AS-Interface at Frankfurt’s Gate A-Plus has many benefits.

Source: Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH, BACnet Europe Journal 29 2018/09

King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Jeddah, SA

Communication Highflyer

At airports, BACnet supports speed-controlled drives, fans, pumps, luggage transport and even complete heating systems. Airport operators benefit twice: The components reduce energy costs and produce up to 50% less network load on BACnet/IP thanks to integrated communication via VLT BACnet/IP MCA 125.

Source: Danfoss Drives, BACnet Europe Journal 29 2018/09

Frankfurt Main International Airport, GER

Ready for Smart Future

By using the TMC-BA system as a management and operating device, access to all relevant building automation data is ensured via the BACnet protocol on the one hand, and on the other, the flexibility of this software platform provides the optimal base for integrating data from other software systems or building services.

Source: Hermos AG, BACnet Europe Journal 29 2018/09

Xi'an Xianyang International Airport, Xianyang, Shaanxi, CN

Multi-Protocol Integration Leads to New Heights in Airport Building Automation

The growth of Xi’an Xianyang Inter­-national Airport required a monitoring and control solution that could handle communication with numerous different data sources as well as scale to the wide array of equipment that is continuously added.

Source: Iconics Inc., BACnet Europe Journal 29 2018/09

Manchester Airport, GB

Energy-Efficient, yet Beautifully Lit

The lighting control system design between sensors and controllers is based on the open protocols BACnet and DALI. It offers dynamic lighting solutions, monitoring of energy consumption, error status reports and additional flexibility for future expansion.

Source: LOYTEC electronics GmbH, BACnet Europe Journal 29 2018/09

Frankfurt Main International Airport, GER

Intelligent and Sustainable Indoor Climate Control

Room climate control by continuously generated predictive control data for the BMS using a building-specific computer model. In this way, heat, cold or fresh air are supplied "just in time" to the various climate zones in the building. A solution both for the company headquarters and for the fire station, a free-standing utility building designed as a passive house.

Source: MeteoViva GmbH, BACnet Europe Journal 29 2018/09

Airport Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle, FR

Charles de Gaulle Airport Complies with Environmental Directives

In order to ensure a consistently high level of room comfort and continuous energy monitoring, an easy-to-use measurement system was put into operation at Paris Airport, offering comprehensive analysis capabilities, detailed diagrams and comprehensive reports.

Source: Sauter, BACnet Europe Journal 29 2018/09

Dubai International Airport, AE

Open Architecture Data Framework Brings Unprecedented Operational Efficiency and Energy Savings

Open Protocol framework with an on-demand control system that synchronizes the operation of critical systems at the airport with the arrival of flights. A BIS (Building Integration System) enables the operation of the GLT, lighting system, access control, sky train and airport baggage conveyors.

Source: Tridium, BACnet Europe Journal 29 2018/09