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Open for BACnet

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BACnet Catalogue of References 2019

  • Integrated Interoperability – 252 Successful BACnet Projects
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Code of Conduct

  • Decency, business ethics and integrity, credibility,fairness, observing national and international standards of interaction as a self-evident practice, and humane behavior toward each other constitute the basic attitude of the BIG-EU. Dortmund, Germany, 27 May 2013
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BACnet from a global viewpoint

BACnet – An Overview (2018)

OPC UA Information Model for BACnet

ASHRAE SSPC 135 (BACnet Committee)

Press Release Feb 16th, 2017

  • Strides Made Towards Higher-Level Semantics
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Presentations Light+Building 2016

Facility Planing with Buidling Information Modelling

Web Services across the the systems BACnet and KNX

BACnet – Future Directions

Interoperability Across BA and LC Domain Standards for Common Network Services


EPICS Wizard Version 2.2.6

  • This application helps to create an EPICS file for a BACnet device for the realization of BACnet conformance testing. Input masks simplify the input of data of the device. There is no verification on the correctness of the sinlge data values (no check of varriable types).
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VTS 3.x - Visual Test Shell for BACnet

  • Visual Test Shell (VTS) is an application for testing the BACnet functionality of various devices used in building automation systems. Project members are working on various enhancements to VTS as well as routine maintenance.
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  • The "Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement" or "PICS" describes the BACnet capabilities of a particular BACnet implementation. According to the BACnet standard
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  • You can download a copy of an editable PICS (in MS-Word format) by clicking here

BACnet Certification Handbook 4.0

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    BACnet Project Address Table