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BACnet & BMS Journal Middle East

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BACnet Middle East Journal 07 11/17


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Main topics include:

  • BACnet Solution - Technical Monitoring Using BACnet 
  • BACnet Insight - New BTL Certi cation Program
  • BACnet Insight - Addressing IP Security Concerns when Deploying a BACnet System
  • BACnet Products - Energy Analytics & BACnet


BACnet Middle East Journal 06 11/16

Main topics include:

  • BACnet Solution - Youth Sports Complex in Salalah, Sultanate of Oman
  • BACnet Cybersecurity - Convergence of SMART Buildings and Distributed Energy Resources
  • BACnet Test Laboratories - Conformance Testing Is Provided by New Test Labs
  • BACnet Standardization - Secure Systems Beyond BACnet 2016


BACnet Middle East Journal 05 11/15

Main topics include:

  • BACnet Protocol Continues to Help Advance Building Ratings
  • Heritage Office Block Upgraded with BACnet
  • Building Analytics & BACnet
  • New Way to Navigate your BAS Environment
  • Free PDF Subscription BACnet Middle East Journal


BACnet Middle East Journal 04 11/12

Main topics include:

  • Sheikh Khalifa Specialist Hospital: designed to be the most technically advanced medical facility in the Emirates
  • BACnet for the IAC Headquarters at the Mehrabad Domestic Airport in Tehran, Iran
  • Qatar University Campus selects BACnet-based Integrated Management System with Arena AXuf
  • L-INX Automation Servers integrate Subsystems into BACnet


BACnet Middle East Journal 03 11/11

Main topics include:

  • Gold for Most Advanced Engineering – Magnificent Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi
  • Trend-setting Ultra-low-energy Building
  • Academic Campus in India – LEED Certified Green Building
  • Trade-spanning Integration with BACnet



BACnet Middle East Journal 02 11/10

Main topics include:

  • Beautiful Holiday Villa Hotel in Madina Installs BACnet System
  • Modern New Shopping Mall Al-Othaim in Riyadh
  • Focus on Building Applications – An Introduction to BACnet-Routing
  • Routing Between the Three Most Important BACnet Layers




BACnet Middle East Journal 01 11/09

Main topics include:

  • Atlantis, The Palm - Building Automation for an Exotic Gulf Paradise
  • Exemplary Dutch Solution - Rabobank´s New Head Office is Characterised with BACnet
  • BACnet on the Move at the Big 5 in Dubai
  • BIG-ME Joins Forces in Dubai