Technical Liaison


This working group is made up of representatives from the public sector, the BACnet Interest Group and engineering and planning offices and focuses on the ISO 16484 requirements in the German market. Dialogue with the AMEV und BIG-EU associations is vital for signing off the requirements for planners and representatives of the public sector to determine the market conditions.


OPC UA Mapping

This working group aims to develop ideas and specifications on how to interface between the two technologies, OPC UA and BACnet, for example – with a written specification to exchange information such as data, alarms, schedules and trend-logs between the two technologies.


Working Group Planner Qualifications

This working group is creating a qualification model from the requirements agreed on by the Working Group – BACnet in the German Market. This training method will ensure an improvement in the quality of planner qualifications in the engineering sector and be concluded with a nationally-recognized examination.


  • GAintegra, Ingenieurgesellschaft für Gebäudeautomation und Integrationsplanung: Mario Betros