Case Studies

Capital Linen Services

Canberra, ACT, Australia
Completed: 2016
Capital Linen Services

Capital Linen Services is a working, commercial facility that required a retrofit, while remaining up and running, with operational output maintained throughout the project. All work was staged so as not to affect the crucial work schedule.

Networked hardware for this project included a MACHProWebSys serving the main plant, a MACH-ProSys serving the boiler plant room, and eight MACH-ProZone devices serving the field equipment. Ethernet connection to an on-site server, running RC-Archive and RC-Reporter, completed this MACH-System installation.

The mechanical equipment controlled includes six full, outside air handling units with exhaust systems, and an evaporative cooling and steam boiler plant. The site’s steam boiler plant provides primary steam to a variety of buildings on the site, which makes this a unique installation.

The mechanical and controls retrofit of this facility has ensured the continued operation and performance of a vital community facility. The installation of RC-Archive and RC-Reporter allows for continued energy monitoring and reporting of the facility utilities.

Number of Buildings1
Total Area2,000 m2 (21,528 ft2 )
Special Features

Required a retrofit, while remaining up and running, with operational output maintained throughout the project

Products/Equipment Installed

1 MACH-ProWebSys™
1 MACH-ProSys™
8 MACH-ProZone™

Systems IntegratedBoiler, Chiller
Number of Devices10
System Points200
Controls ContractorReliable Controls