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Fordham University

New York, NY, United States
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Fordham UniversityFordham UniversityFordham University

A true urban college, Fordham University consists of multiple buildings in the heart of Lincoln Center. The school is renowned for its law, business, education and social service programs.

Unique prolems to solve: Historical performance was difficult to track. Required maintenance was sporadic. Machines operated inefficiently. The school failed to capture energy savings.

Building control equipment from four different manufacturers needed to be integrated into a single control system without disturbing Fordham’s existing computer network.

System solution: A BACnet® solution using Delta Controls merged effortlessly with the school’s existing network to seamlessly integrate and monitor control equipment from four different manufacturers. The project incorporates air handlers, VAVs, boilers, fan coil units and more. IBC provided Fordham with a custom-designed Web browser which features animated graphics, including floor plans that change color due to temperature variations.

Results: According to Doug Mitchell, former facilities manager, plant equipment will be easier to maintain regularly due to accurate load monitoring. This will result in longer equipment life. The open system allows Fordham’s own IT department to maintain and program it. The Delta System has helped the school realize substantial energy savings. As Doug says, “the entire system has been marvelous.”

Special Features

IBC is extremely satisfied to have successfully taken four campus buildings and replaced multiple controls, various vintage technologies, and several disparate systems dating back from 1965 with one modern automation system! It was a challenging and rewarding experience for all.

Products/Equipment Installed

4 Electrical Chillers
2 Steam Chillers
47 Air handling units
Steam converters, miscellaneous pump stations
BACnet/IP over WAN/Internet

Server 1
Historian Server 1
Command Center 1
iPad Mobile Workstation 2
System Controllers 75
Application Controllers 465

Systems IntegratedBoiler, Chiller, HVAC, CO2 Monitoring, VAV, Smoke, Power Monitoring, Water Monitoring
Number of Devices700
Engineering FirmThomas Polise Consulting Engineers
ConsultantsRobert Derector Associates
System IntegratorIntegrated Building Controls (IBC)
Mechanical ContractorConcept Air
Controls ContractorIntegrated Building Controls (IBC)