Case Studies


Silver Springs, MD, United States
Government / Public

This project was a retrofit of three buildings, totaling 50 stories, representing one million square feet.

It was a major mechanical and control upgrade focusing on tenant comfort and energy conservation in a fully occupied facility.

The project included Integration and control of HVAC and Lighting, using EC-Net-AX Supervisor networked to EC-BOS devices on the IP Network.

On each fieldbus were ECB Series BACnet controllers. The project delivered increased tenant comfort while significantly reducing their electrical consumption.

Number of Buildings3
Total Area1,000,000
Special Features

This was a retrofit in a fully occupied facility.

Products/Equipment Installed

Distech Controls EC-Net-AX Supervisor
Distech Controls EC-BOS
Distech Controls ECB Series Controllers

Systems IntegratedHVAC, VAV
Controls ContractorSmart Building Technologies
Controls ContractorDistech Controls Inc.