Case Studies

Proforma Headquarters

Cleveland, OH, United States, United States
Commercial Office
Completed: 2012
Proforma Headquarters

Reliable Controls® Authorized Dealer, Best Commercial

Energy Services successfully completed a retrofit installation of a monitoring system for Proforma’s Cleveland, Ohio office. The front end of the installation is the MACHPro WebSys™, chosen by Best Commercial because of its future-friendly BACnet® core and flexibility with regards to system expansion and mechanical plant control. Two SSLH- IO were installed to monitor temperature, humidity, and water in the building’s two server rooms. Three SMARTSensor™ EnOcean Accesspoint monitors were installed, one on each floor, for wireless communication with nine SPACE-Sensor™ EnOcean sensors, three per floor.

The Reliable Controls® wireless solution built around the EnOcean open-protocol chipset was an obvious choice for Best Commercial due in large measure to the system’s very low cost for a very high-tech monitoring solution. Wireless deployment was found to be effortless, and provided immediate benefits to the dealer and owner in saved costs for wire and labor, while still providing the customer with everything on their wish list.

For Best Commercial, the Reliable Controls® EnOcean wireless monitoring solution proved to be simple, affordable, and robust – a great fit for multilevel 24-7 facilities.

Number of Buildings1
Total Area98,425
Products/Equipment Installed

1 MACH-ProWebSys™
2 SMART-Sensor™ LCD
3 SMART-Sensor™ EnOcean Accesspoint
9 SPACE-Sensor™ EnOcean

Systems IntegratedWater Monitoring
Number of Devices12
System Points19
Controls ContractorReliable Controls