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Reliable Controls HQ Annex

Victoria, BC, Canada, Canada
Lead of the pack award Leed award
Commercial Office
Completed: 2012
Reliable Controls HQ AnnexReliable Controls HQ AnnexReliable Controls HQ Annex

The Reliable Controls® HQ Annex is a naturally ventilated LEED Platinum targeted facility, designed to operate using 50% less energy than the ASHRAE 90.1(1999) standard. LEED points were achieved in part through an extensive bioswale at the center of the structure’s stormwater management and soil erosion strategy. 99% of all construction waste was diverted from landfill or incinerators, and the building consumes 60% less potable water than a
baseline building.

The building is naturally ventilated by 57 trickle vents, which modulate and temper the natural flow of air into the building though a heating/cooling coil and damper. In winter, air is drawn from the building by an extraction fan with heat recovery. In summer and the shoulder seasons, a wind tower drives ventilation, using modulating dampers that open or close according to the wind direction and speed. When necessary, hot water or chilled water is generated by two air source heat pumps, and delivered to the trickle vents and radiant floor. Lighting consists of modulating fluorescent fixtures with wireless control and daylight harvesting, as well as LED lighting. BACnet integration of the HVAC, lighting, and security systems allows occupied comfort settings to be enabled on a per occupant basis, triggered by unique security cards. Individual control of temperature, light, blinds, and occupancy is provided via LAN or wireless access from any computer or mobile device.

Number of Buildings1
Total Area24,375
Special Features

LEED Platinum certified

Products/Equipment Installed

2 MACH-ProWebCom™, 2 MACH-ProCom™, 5 MACH-ProSys™, 6 SMART-Space™ Controller, 8 SPACE-Sensor™ EnOcean, 29 SMART-Sensor™ LCD, 57 MACH-Sensor™ EnOcean Accesspoint, 75 MACH-ProZone™

Systems IntegratedSecurity, HVAC, Power Monitoring, Water Monitoring
Number of Devices184
System Points1,068
Engineering FirmAvalon Energy Management
ConsultantsIntegral Group (Cobalt Engineering)
Mechanical ContractorIntegral Group (Cobalt Engineering)
Controls ContractorReliable Controls