New BACnet Journals Published

Journals of the BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU) available online free of charge

Aachen, 23.11.2023 – The BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU) regularly publishes free journals that provide information about BACnet technology, solutions with BACnet and the activities of the BACnet community. A new issue of the “BACnet Europe Journal” (German and English) and the “BACnet Middle East Journal” (English) have just been published. The journals are available online for reading and downloading at

The current “BACnet Europe Journal” focuses on “Facility Management” (FM). It uses several examples to show how BACnet can be used to seamlessly connect the various facility management systems and thus achieve comprehensive monitoring and control of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and other building functions and quickly realize potential savings. The historical building Casa Alberola in Alicante (Spain), which was equipped with state-of-the-art building automation based on BACnet, and the retrofit of building automation with BACnet in school buildings in the town of Gehrden (Lower Saxony, Germany) will be presented. There are also a number of product presentations, the aforementioned focus on FM and a special on BACnet/SC, the new BACnet Data Link Layer, with which BACnet meets the growing need for cyber security in building systems. News from the BACnet community includes a report on the 25th anniversary celebrations of the BIG-EU at the ISH.

The “BACnet Middle East Journal” No. 12 has two main focuses. Firstly, it reports on current BACnet projects. Building H in Wuhan (PR China) is an example of how significant energy savings can be achieved through fully automated building management based on BACnet. Another example is a building in a financial district in the UAE, where a BACnet-based building management infrastructure ensures high quality, comfort, and efficiency. The journal also provides general information about BACnet: “How Healthy is Your Building” answers the question of how to analyze and improve the quality of building technology and building management. Other articles provide information on how BACnet/SC improves cyber security. There is also an article on current market research reports on BACnet.

Other publications from the BACnet community are the “BACnet France Journal” – published by the Association BACnet France – and the “Journal of Building Automation”, focused on the North American market and published by BACnet International. The articles are written by experts, users and professionals in building automation. Topics include applications and developments of the BACnet Standard – from global trends in building automation, qualification and training, testing and certification to new devices and application examples. Last but not least, the BIG-EU also provides information about its activities. More information on the journals at

The BACnet Europe Journal 39 is available online and as a download.
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The 12th issue of the BACnet Middle East Journal is available online and as a download.
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